Why Get a Flight Simulator Yoke Instead Of a Joystick

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The flight simulator yoke is probably the best that can be offered to those who like to experience of flying even at least in a simulated fashion. This is especially true if you are the one on the controls. It can be an exhilarating experience. But not everyone can become a real pilot in a real airplane because of one reason or the other.

Adding realism to the simulated flying is done using either a yoke or a joystick. Which one makes a better choice to get the most out of replicated flying may take some considerations.  Both joystick and yoke are fun but what makes a flight simulator yoke a better choice?

· It’s best for regular players - Players who are new in the game of simulated flying may prefer using joysticks just to get a feel of how fun the game can be. However, if you are already a regular player and you want the most realistic experience, nothing can beat the yoke.

· Its cost - Price is always a factor when buying things and it’s the same with flight simulators. You might be thinking of settling for joysticks for financial reasons but keep in mind, its functions may be limited unlike that of a yoke. Besides, the price of high-end joysticks and some yokes are practically the same. Although there can be a flight simulator yoke that costs as much as $200 but its functions more than outweighs its price by a long shot.

· It’s preferred by most flyers - Trying out both joystick and yoke will show any flyer the differences and based on what expert flyers prefer, the yoke is found to be more comfortable to use whether you are left or right handed. Controlling a Cessna 140, 152, 172, a piper warrior or a deHavilland Beaver is a fun experience using a yoke. There is a solid feel to using a yoke especially for up and down pitches.


· It’s more realistic - Hard core flyers who prefer a more realistic flying experience. This can be more enhanced when a flight radio panel is added in the home cockpit setup. Inside a real plane, flyers tend to look at side views yet that should not result to the aircraft hitting a hillside. With a flight simulator yoke, you lock the plane in a position that allows you to take a look at side views. 

In a yoke supported flight simulator, control and operations is done in seamless manner to allow up, down and rotating movements.  Flying a Cessna is more fun with a flight simulator yoke as it is a perfect match for the plane and this goes for Boeing jet planes, too.

As far as control is concerned, many flying aficionados may say that a yoke and a joystick are both capable in allowing you fly an aircraft. However, an important edge of a yoke over a joystick is its power when you need to pull out heavy aircrafts from dives.  To a dedicated bomber aircraft, the yoke provides better control compared to the lissom joystick.

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Why Get a Flight Simulator Yoke Instead Of a Joystick

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Why Get a Flight Simulator Yoke Instead Of a Joystick

This article was published on 2012/05/14