Top 5 security vulnerabilities in 2013

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No matter how careful you are while browsing or downloading data from the internet. You may become a victim even if you are taking all types of precautions such as updating your browser and not clicking on weird links coming from unknown sources because bad boys are way smarter than you. They can find out innovative ways to crack all the security arrangements irrespective of their quality and capability.

Cyber criminals have become more creative these days and can bypass security arrangement with the innovative ways and find vulnerabilities in the programs and apps. Trying older means of PC security is no more helpful because cyber threats are getting innovative and smarter day by day. Instead of targeting your browser or Internet Explorer (IE), now they prefer to attack your video game, virtual machine and web connected gadgets and devices. 

Below mentioned are the top 5 vulnerabilities in 2013 which cyber threats love to exploit:

Printer vulnerabilities

The convenience that comes with the printers connected to the network and web are unimaginable. It allows you to print documents and other files from anywhere which is a great facility. But with this facility there is also certain security related downsides. Many of these web-connected printers are out of the firewalls that create an opportunity for the hackers. This is a great vulnerability that is often exploited by cyber criminals.

Security researchers have outlined these vulnerabilities at many occasions. According to experts, hackers could attack these insecure printers to damage their hardware and the worst takes place when hackers manage to get the access of printed documents. According to a research paper, tens of thousands of Web connected printers have been identified so far with significant vulnerabilities.

Video game vulnerabilities

Video games also create high number of vulnerabilities that are often exploited by the hackers. Pointing finger at any particular game will not be fair as there are various video games that have been found involved in creating vulnerabilities. Security companies have outlined many video games that have been exploited by online threats.

The problem beings with the browser, which automatically executes the commands without any confirmation or even letting an iota of information about it to the users. Once the malicious codes get the permission to run, it starts using the available vulnerabilities for storing gibberish stuff in your hard drive. To prevent this kind of situation, you should never set the browser to automatically run or execute any program.

Mobile device vulnerability

In certain cases your Android device also creates vulnerabilities when you connect the device to a Windows PC. If your device is installed with the DroidCleaner and Superclean apps then it is likely that all the running services on your phone would be restarted. The worst takes place when you connect your Android running device to any Windows PC as a disk drive while trying to transfer music or pictures.

In case your PC has been enabled with the AutoRun, then the hidden code in the SD card of the phone gets executed and installs the malware. This is a wicked malware which can monitor your microphone and record the audio and the recording is later sent to the malware author after being encrypted.

Videoconferencing-related vulnerabilities

The exciting and advanced looking videoconferencing is also not free from banes. In recent past some cases of vulnerabilities have been reported from videoconferencing systems. According to a reputed computer security firm, ‘Some videoconferencing systems can be exploited by bad guys because they are accessible through the internet and become the ideal target for listening everything going on a secret videoconferencing call of a company.”

According to a statistics, in January 2012 around 150,000 videoconferencing systems were found configured to answer calls automatically which provides opportunity to hackers to exploit this vulnerability to misappropriate data and information for further misuse.

Cybernetics-related vulnerabilities

Another important but rare vulnerability is caused by cybernetics. A recent example of this kind of exploit is related to Dr. Mark Gasson, who is a British cybernetics expert. He has got an RFID chip implanted in his wrist. He infected himself with a benign computer virus to research on how implantable bionic devices are vulnerable to computer viruses. When he entered into his lab having virus on the implanted chip, the virus affected the database without any initiation and started replicating itself. It shows that even implanted chips and gadgets are vulnerable to cyber threats which can be exploited.

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Top 5 security vulnerabilities in 2013

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This article was published on 2013/03/15